Client: MARS Pet Care

Project: Sustainable in a Generation

Eighty20 Communication developed a suite of A4 and A3 powers, banners, plasma and computer screen savers and email campaign promoting the Sustainable in a Generation goals. The campaign had 96% awareness amongst Associates on-site a the end of the campaign.

Project: Everyone’s Responsible for Safety

Mars Petcare had recently had a number of on-site safety issues and the team wanted to increase the awareness of the importance of safety onsite as well as remind staff they should speak up when they saw something unsafe. The campaign leveraged the mateship of the team and focussed on looking after one another.

Safety Alley posters and displays
Email Headers
Powerpoint Slides and Templates
Walkway Creative

Project: Take a moment campaign

Eighty20 Communication developed a communications program to improve the safety of the on-road sales force across all of Mars businesses. The take a moment campaign included posters, video message from the sales director, in-car merchandise, photo competition, email and sms campaign.

Mouse Pads